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1. I hereby waive and release any and all claims for damage whether personal injury, death, illness, property damage or loss, including claims for negligence, both for myself and my heirs, executors, legal representatives, successors and assigns which I may have as a consequence of my involvement in this event. I release from all liability,, the Stampede City Ski Club (SCSC) Executives and Directors, the volunteers, sponsors and any other participants in this activity.


2. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own equipment, safety gear, knowledge of the activity and any damages I may be responsible for, as well as travel and/or accommodation that may be required outside the scope of the event. This Meet Up/ SCSC will not be held liable for my equipment, safety, property or well-being. I acknowledge that having adequate health/dental care coverage or additional coverage e.g. travel, is my responsibility. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to verify that I am in good health and am physically capable of carrying of the event activity.


3. I acknowledge that there are inherent risks both known and unknown in posted events. It is my intention to accept those risks and all the consequences thereof, for myself alone. I am aware that the members of this Meet Up/ SCSC, acting as trip hosts, are not professional leaders, guides, or first aiders. If I participate in carpooling with other participants, I do so at my own risk and without any right to claim against this MeetUp/ SCSC for any loss, damages, or personal injury. I agree to assume all of the risk and responsibilities associated with my transportation to and from the trip location. I understand that the number of participants is dependent on the number of spaces available in vehicles and with changes in sign-ups, arrangements are done at the carpool by the group.


4. I am agreeable to having my photo/video taken and posted on its social media sites, unless otherwise communicated. If I post a video/ photo, I will do so in good taste/ good editing that promotes this group. SCSC exercises the right to remove photos/ videos/comments that are not in good taste/ format eg cropping.


I understand that a Trip Host may remove me from the event if I do not post my photo on My Profile or if the host considers I am not suitable to engage in the event.


I acknowledge that I have read or have had read to me, this Waiver in its entirety and that I understand and agree to be bound by its terms and those noted in the Code of Conduct and Use of Social Media, also posted under Pages.



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