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Meet John Seigner


An Avid skier, John has been a CSIA member for over 50 years. John moved from Toronto to teach skiing at Sunshine Village in 1974, obtaining his level 3 in 1975 and his coaching pin in 1976. John owned a photography business in Banff for thirty years an now works at a non-profit providing housing for autistic adults. In 1976, a photo of John skiing in the bye-bye bowl appeared on the November cover of Skiing Magazine. It was later selected for the front cover of Jean-Claude Killy's book "How to Ski". John states, "this was the highlight of my career, and it's been all downhill ever since". 






In 1996-7, I came to Calgary to visit my then girlfriend, now ex-wife. I fell in love, with the mountains. I went back to Toronto and asked my boss for a transfer. He swore at me, then set it up. 


For nearly a decade, I was a ski dad. Every weekend, my good friend and I, and our 4 kids, went skiing. After I got divorced, I found myself skiing one week with my kids, the other week alone. That is when I found Stampede City Ski Club. I remember going to a social and not being allowed to leave until I agreed to be a host for day trips to Lake Louise, where I had a season pass. I’d post that I was going to Louise, and often get 3 or more car loads. 


I continued to follow people who were better skiers, whom I could almost keep up with. Chuck, Todd, Erkan and Elliott. From those Lake Louise day trips, and overnight trips to Revy and Castle, we became good friends. Still are good friends. 


My kids grew up and don’t ski much anymore, I’ve kept my Lake Louise season pass for a decade. I volunteer there as a Ski Friend - come find me and I’d love to show you my “happy place”. I also subscribe to Mountain Collective, and travel to Revy, Pano, and others, mostly with the club and people I’ve met through the club. I am blessed to have carved those ski day/trip moments into lasting friendships. 

I never skied until I was 14, but I loved it from my first day. Well, maybe my second? Or maybe my first powder day? Even though skiing consisted of a 700ft vertical drop in Ontario. By following friends who were better skiers, I eventually became a half decent skier. 


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