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Code of Conduct



Our motto is Carving Moments into Friendships!


1. When signing up for an event, it is implied that you agree to the Waiver and Use of Social Media (under Pages tab).

Change your RSVP to No if you decide not to attend, including being on the Waitlist. No Shows are frowned upon.

Ensure that if you've paid for an event off-line, that you are signed up on Meet Up. Check out our Refund Policy (posted on Pages).


2. You are responsible for your equipment and safety. Any damages/clean-up fees/lost keys are the responsibility of person(s) responsible. Accept that conditions change (weather, risk, etc.). Be prepared to adapt to those changes.


3. Be respectful of the group, the Event Host, the Alpine Responsibility Code, the public and the law. Conduct yourself in a manner as not to discredit the Club or yourself. Abide by the decisions of the majority even though you may disagree; you have the right to express your views in a respectful manner. Do your part to minimize conflict and disruption. Promote good relations amongst all. Over-imbibbing is frowned upon cause it's not fun for anyone. Give a helping hand. Drive safely and to the conditions. Share in carpool cost.


Upload selective photos/video you took on our social media sites. Edit photos to be centered.


Hosts/ organizers are volunteers. They offer their time and energy to facilitate events for others. Be helpful and express your appreciation. Feedback/ helpful suggestions are invited.


4. Meetup fees, bank fees, complimentary appetizers at socials cost about $1000/yr. Support your Club. Be a Member with Benefits. Take out a $50 membership at a social or e-transfer to


5. If a complaint is received, it will be examined by two Executive members. The complaint must relate to the scope of this Meet Up and not be a frivolous accusation.

Sanctions include probation, restrictions or expulsion depending on severity etc. Other Meetups a person belongs to may also be notified.

Meet Up messaging is to be about events not to "hit on" people or "get back" at someone.


Our goal is to carve moments into friendships!



To promote healthy inclusive activity on and off the ski slopes,  To create a fun environment for all members and  to carve moments into friendships

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