Event Host Info

Thank you for your interest in being an Event Host!


We reserve the right to edit any posting to help it be accurate etc.


Setting up an Event once the Organizer has given you posting access: Go to Schedule.


Add info into the sections. It's helpful to inlude links eg. snow forecast and for the resort/hike.


Check details of your posting at least twice before publishing - there always seems to be something to edit starting with the date. For help, contact Cat A.


PS The map for 1/22 or Petro Canada is usually wrong. Try Petra Canada! and the balloon will be closer to the N end of the parking lot. Add: have your flashers on too.


Carpool – ask who is willing to drive (must have winter tires), then just ask people stand beside the person they would like to carpool with to organize themselves. Encourage ppl to share what level they are/ type of runs they like.


Carpool location ideas: Valley Ridge Recycle Bins or the north end of the access road off 1/22, although you may decide to carpool from a different location or meet at the venue. No need to wait more than 5 minutes for late-comers.


Include carpool cost based on .22/km to be shared by all in vehicle: from 1/22 to Nakiska $23, Louise $71, Sunshine $54, Norquay $43, Kicking Horse $106; from Calgary: Castle $95, Fernie $110, Panorama $120.  This cost fluctuates based on eg cost of fuel etc.


You can note that the message board can be used to find a ride to the carpool; and that it's good to tip your driver.


Set out info for your Daily Plan:

It's helpful to note place and time to meet at the start of the day. e.g. Louise - by the fireplace 0900, lunch 1215 on backside Temple, and end of day plans.


Sunshine - eg meet at Goat's Eye to start the day or the day lodge stairs at a certain time, lunch at a specified time at Goats Eye, and end of day at bottom of gondola Creekside pub at 4:20.


It's good to note that anyone RSVPg Yes, is in agreement with the Waiver and Code of Conduct posted under Pages.

Survey tape/ribbons on helmets helps people Meet Up. Tara has some - just ask, or buy a roll and we'll reimburse you. It is not imperative to stay together – but help people find others to ski/board with who are at a similar level.


Provide your cell # either in the posting or in advance by email to attendees by going into Manage Event.


Let Cat A know how your event went especially if there was difficulty. If you are unable to host the event, let one of us know and perhaps an idea can be generated to keep the event going. You can send out "It was good to See You!"


In appreciation for hosting, you get a FREE ticket to our monthly 115-0 Stetson Draws at socials to win $ toward a trip of your choice... let Diane know.


Thank you for helping to carve moments into friendships!

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Hey All

I'm back again as your President and Overnight Trip Coordinator. Skiing has been my passion for many years. I started back in Ontario as a child at Alpine Ski Club and then onto Quebec for my teens, largely at Mont St. Sauveur and Mont Tremblant. I skied Ellicottville, NY for a couple of years and then moved onto Vancouver at Cypress Bowl and Grouse Mountain, finally landing in the land of plenty of choices- Alberta.  

For this season, we have arranged a variety of overnight trips - some structured, some unstructured. See the events page for more information.

For the past few years, I have either been part of or organized overnight trips for the club. Last year I personally participated in all 5 trips as well as other events. I have taken great enjoyment in getting to know new hills and many new great people who have the passion to ski/board.


Cheers to great snow and great people for the months to come!



Though a late comer to skiing, I have always been an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer. At a young age “The Lure of the Labrador” and the rugged beauty of Western Newfoundland satiated my need for outdoor adventure.


I always wanted to ski and watched the Crazy Canucks hurtle down mountains, but hockey was supreme then.  I move west to Winnipeg in 1987, saw the rugged, raw beauty of the Rocky Mountains for the first time in 88 and was hooked. Exploring the Rockies and taking pictures became paramount in my protean world. In 2003 I caught the ski bug when my daughter, then 11, joined a downhill race club. I strapped on skis for the first time that December at Saint Sauveur, Quebec and it was a match made in snow.


I have skied incessantly at resorts east, west, and south ever since. In 2017 I was introduced to the SCSC through a get down, let loose, amazing 70’s style ski bus trip to Whitefish, Montana, complete with great people, revelry, dancing and oh yes, snowballs. I became a Calgarian in March, 2018, and finally realized my dream, to live on the doorstep of this marvelous mountain playground.



Hi I’m a B.C girl from Kelowna, and started skiing at Big White when I was 10.  Came to Alberta in ‘87 and never looked back. I love the mountains and all of its beauty. Skiing has always been a passion of mine, although time kept me from enjoying it more often.


I joined the SCSC in 2012, and have enjoyed many ski trips to fantastic locations particularly hosting the Whitefish, Montana trip in February.


I have formed amazing friendships and continued to promote the growth of the club.  As the Social Director of the Ski & Snowboard Club, I am known as the “energizer bunny” and I love to plan events and meet new members. 


Looking forward to meeting you soon at the monthly social or on the slopes!

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Dagny has been with the club since 2015 and has carved a lot of good lines, and created fantastic memories and friends. She’s an average black diamond skier with a rowdy slant and an addiction for speed. She has become an Après expert and well-practiced ski boot dancer. Her favorite hill is Revelstoke.

Dagny has lots of fun organizing social activities with Diane, and hosting day and weekend trips. If she’s not in her wood-working shop, or art studio, she can be found cuddled up with her two cats, Chuck and Tiffany. Dagny will be spending most of her time skiing Lake Louise this year. 

She is excited to meet you all for skiing/boarding, Après, and ski boot dancing!



Grant has kindly volunteered to continue as Treasurer and to bring his experience and background in accounting to help the club with our finances.



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I grew up cross country skiing with my family in Kelowna and transitioned to down hill skiing in my early teens.  I learned to ski by chasing all my friends in the junior high school ski club to the next "jump".  Keep in mind this was before helmets and ski patrol telling us not to make our own jumps.  Oh, those were the days. I continued my ski journey in Alberta and love to ski at Nakiska and Sunshine. I really enjoying my time on the Calgary Stampede ski trips that I have been able to attend and love the inclusiveness I have experienced with this club.  I think I have found my people.  Looking forward to all the socials and ski trips I can get to in the future.

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I never skied until I was 14, but I loved it from my first day. Well, maybe my second? Or maybe my first powder day? Even though skiing consisted of a 700ft vertical drop in Ontario. By following friends who were better skiers, I eventually became a half decent skier. 


In 1996-7, I came to Calgary to visit my then girlfriend, now ex-wife. I fell in love, with the mountains. I went back to Toronto and asked my boss for a transfer. He swore at me, then set it up. 


For nearly a decade, I was a ski dad. Every weekend, my good friend and I, and our 4 kids, went skiing. After I got divorced, I found myself skiing one week with my kids, the other week alone. That is when I found Stampede City Ski Club. I remember going to a social and not being allowed to leave until I agreed to be a host for day trips to Lake Louise, where I had a season pass. I’d post that I was going to Louise, and often get 3 or more car loads. 


I continued to follow people who were better skiers, whom I could almost keep up with. Chuck, Todd, Erkan and Elliott. From those Lake Louise day trips, and overnight trips to Revy and Castle, we became good friends. Still are good friends. 


My kids grew up and don’t ski much anymore, I’ve kept my Lake Louise season pass for a decade. I volunteer there as a Ski Friend - come find me and I’d love to show you my “happy place”. I also subscribe to Mountain Collective, and travel to Revy, Pano, and others, mostly with the club and people I’ve met through the club. I am blessed to have carved those ski day/trip moments into lasting friendships. 




I joined the Club about 20 years ago when it was known as the Petroleum Ski Club and within the first year I was asked to join the Executive and the rest is history. 


My current position is Past President & Director, (for the last 6 years) enables me to focus on those pesky details that need to be taken care of, such as the Annual Return, AGM materials and whatever else comes my way. 


I haven't spent any time on the slopes the past number of years, with warmer climates calling me there, but never say never. 


In the interim I will lift my wine glass by the pool and think about you all having the time of your life as well..

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