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Special Update 1

Stampede City Ski Club Refund Administration Fee Effective November 16, 2022


  • As of November 16, 2022 the Stampede City Ski Club, hereafter referred to as SCSC, will be implementing an administration fee of 5% of the total refund including all taxes and fees originally paid by the purchaser on any Executive approved refund. This refund Administration Fee of 5% specifically covers costs associated with  processing refunds that are Specifically requested by a member and that are approved by the Executive.  Said refunds will be dealt with on a case by case basis and a refund will be granted only if approved by an SCSC Executive vote .

  • There will be no cost to the member for refunds or cancellations initiated by the SCSC for any reason deemed necessary by the executive for the financial well being of the SCSC.


Our members are our first priority - that’s why we want to keep you up to date on changes to how the SCSC does business how we’re prioritising your needs and those of the SCSC, and much more.

Special Update 2

Dear Members,


Our first of two “Almost Free” bus trips is fast approaching. As of today both of these trips are only approximately 30% full. It is a primary goal of the Executive to provide value added trips to our membership. However, we also have to be fiscally responsible in the planning and execution of these trips. For that to happen on the “Almost Free” bus trips we have to be at full capacity. In order to make these bus trips economically viable the executive has made the decision to open the “Almost Free” bus trips up to Non Members starting November 21 at 4:00PM Mtn. time for the price of $35. If you would like to attend the “Almost Free” bus trips the please purchase prior to November21 at 4:00PM Mtn time to ensure your spot on the bus.




The SCSC Executive 

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